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Violence Entertainment

i keep hearing and seeing people having conversations about there being too much violence in entertainment today, be it movies or tv. now i will agree that there is an amazing amount of violence in both genres, do i believe it to be excessive? no i do not.

when you look at certain movies the amount of violence can be excessive and jaw dropping but lets be honest, have you seen the world that we live in today? there is violence around every corner, turn on the news , there is rape and murder and abuse around every corner in real life. movies arent glorifying it, they are making current comments on society. they are taking liberties in some of the ways that the violence is displayed and exagerrating the way these things happen but seriously, watch a person get shot in a movie and then see live footage of a person getting shot, the reality is that the actual shooting is way more brutal and painful to watch. the real pain, blood, gore by far trumps anything that a studio could come up with in a cg program or even old fashioned effects.

ultimately , complaining about movies and tv glorifying and influencing people to participate in violence is ridiculous. if you want to find out real violence all you have to do is open your eyes in todays society, you will see the things that influence movies to show violence, art imitating life….not the other way around.

sad society we live in, everyone wants an excuse as to why people do evil things……..maybe humans are just evil.

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Black Thanksgiving 

When did the Thanksgiving holiday become one of the biggest shopping days of the year? Don’t get me wrong,  I love saving money,  I love 150 dollar 96 inch television sets. I also love Thanksgiving, we’ll sort of, I really don’t give a Rats ass about the holiday itself it is after all just another day.  But I do love having the day off of work and lounging around, eating way too much and then napping. 

Then came big Commerce and commercials and Internet sales,  away went the family portion of the holiday and in came stores opening at 7pm Thanksgiving night.  What happened to nostalgia, people? It used to be that stores competed for the earliest opening on Friday morning,not Thanksgiving morning! 

So while some people will be rushing to the store for doorbusters at 8am Thanksgiving morning (the real cutthroat dickheads)  I will be sleeping in for awhile and then I will welcome in the holiday shopping season by sitting my big fat ass on the couch and going to amazon. Fuck all you people, I’d much rather wallow in my own filth at home on my couch than to have to deal with all you sweaty ass, stinky fucking people out in the real world. Seriously, that thing with the water that sprays on you and that stuff that is bar shaped….. Use them. It’s a day of shopping not a greased pig catch. Nobody wants to smell your festering taint odor. 

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It seems that we live in the age of Obsession. People do not seem to be happy unless they are completely obsessed and entrenched in something, anything,  be it television shows,  social media, their “cause” or any other stupid shit that they can get offended about. 

Let’s start with television. I can’t discount how enthralling that a great TV show or movie can be,  I’m guilty of it myself. However just getting enthralled in a show is normal,  it gives you an escape, something that makes it so you don’t have to deal with your problems for a couple hours or so a week. I say a couple hours because you will spend an hour or so watching it then an hour or so talking about it. There’s nothing wrong with this as it levels out your problems and the ability to escape and not worry about anything. That’s healthy. 

Then there is Obsession. There are different levels of this experience. Maybe you watch a couple times,  pick out some stuff,  read about it a little,  post about it a little and have conversations about it, again it’s not unhealthy but maybe it’s a little more time than what you should spend on it. I don’t see where there is a real issue here. 

The issue comes in where you don’t think about anything else, you start to get offended by things in the show,  about the show, other people’s opinions and in general anyone or anything that doesn’t correlate with your way of thinking. You go to work,  get in an argument about last night’s episode, which was clearly boring, but you feel the need to defend it because you are personally offended that maybe not everyone likes it. You sit down and post a huge post about how people are stupid and just don’t understand the show, how you are in a terrible mood because of these people. You search out cute memes, pictures,  swoon, and talk about the horrible things you would love to happen to you at the hands of certain people in the show. You send death threats and hatred to people because their character on the show did something to your favorite character on the show. This is Obsession. Not healthy escape, pure obsessed ridiculousness. 
People need to get their heads out of their assessment and look around,  maybe a little less Obsession and a little more real experience would make this world a better place. But fuck it,  not buttfuck it, perverts, without people getting offended and obsessed I wouldn’t have much to bitch about.

Carry on weirdos. 

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Mens Room Ethics

Thats right , i said mens room, not universal bathroom facility so as to not offend anyone of any gender specification ,race, breed, or jello consistency .

Why do some guys feel the need to stand at a urinal directly beside me in a bathroom that has 10 urinals and no one else in the bathroom. scoot the fuck over, and dont look at me, ask me how im doing, say “whats up” or anything at all for that matter. i came in here to piss not make a new friend who bonds over schmeckel hands. stop it, it’s weird.

Dont sit in the stall directly next to me when there are 7 stalls open for you to go amnd grunt that grumper out of you. you in no way need to sit next to me and strain,accidently kicking my foot in the process…theres no glory hole, keep all your fucking parts to yourself. And courtesy flush….fuck you, i will not courtesy flush, i happen to like sitting and stewing in my own funk, it deters people from sitting near me. if you are not a fan of my aroma then you should probably pinch it off and wipe it up and get the fuck out of the bathroom. im staying, not flushing and enjoying the browns trip to the super bowl.

Do not ever….ever ask if im going to be much longer. i got here before you, i won. i will sit in that fucking stall until the next presidential election if i want. deal with it and duck walk your ass over to another bathroom.

Aim. for the love of all that is unholy and foul. Aim. i shouldnt have to disenfect the toilet seat or its surrounding areas before i sit down. piss in the toilet and put your ass down, shitting on the walls is not amusing for anyone .especially me when i have a badger 3/4 of the way out of its cave and i open the stall door to see that someone has yashitakied all over every square inch of porcelain.

these are just a few of the rules of mens rooms etiquette. follow them and you will see that less people will think you are the fucking weirdo who wants to make crapping buddies .

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Fuck your theme.

you know ive been sitting here stressing over what to write next and what the theme of my blog should be about. ive been stressing over capitalization and proper punctuation, proper grammar and spelling. ive come to a conclusion. Fuck That.

im not going to stress over this stupid shit any longer. No themes, no making sure everything is perfect and absolutely no fucking holding back. You see i get really bored trying to stick to 1 theme and eventually my shit just stops being interesting and entertaining. i thought i just figured out this laptops spell check and punctuation check….i was sorely mistaken.

so strap in and grab something alcoholic, unless you are an alcoholic in which case shut the fuck up, i shouldnt have to change my ways because of your fucking problems. Anyway get ready (damn it, it capitalized for me again) for a really wild ride.

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Recently I’ve been scouring the web for the best true crime podcasts. I know a little morbid but I love this subject, the mystery, the evil of man, the corruption of the police and justice system. While scouring I came across True Crime Garage and my search halted. 

Hosted by Nick and The Captain the show delves into the gory details of a particular case including insights, interviews in some cases, lots of beer drinking and opinion on the case. Both are incredibly knowledgeable and have a way of putting things into easy to understand terms that make listening so much more enjoyable than a normal monotone present the facts and be boring podcast. Their review of the West Memphis 3 case had me hooked immediately and I continued to blast through everything they had on the podcast app (with additional episodes available for purchase on iTunes and on their website). 

If you are like me and looking for a fantastic podcast that is informative, funny, and easy to listen to while quenching your thirst for more true crime knowledge head over to your favorite podcast app and search up True Crime Garage,  you won’t be disappointed. 

Check them out at and on twitter @truecrimegarage 

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Hatred is a nasty thing. Causes problems the world over. Hatred infects all walks of life, rich and poor, black and white, young and old. 

I have to wonder to myself,  after seeing all of the hatred spewed forth this morning, can this country ever be united? There’s  always something dividing us. And after this election, there always will be. 

It’s discouraging to wake up and see concerns of hatred, racism, misogynistic behavior, loss of rights being thrown into the wind in the same breath as calling someone stupid for exercising their right to vote for whomever they wish. 

I don’t like the president elect either, nor did I like the Democratic option. We had to vote for who we as individuals believed was the least shitty option. The people have spoken and even if it’s not to your liking it is the decision of the vote. 
Point is,  before you go around tweeting about how stupid the Trump supporters are and how they must just be old white men and how they are obviously uneducated bigots who hate woman and gays and Trans,realize that you are spewing hatred at people for the same thing you are concerned about, your rights. 

Spewing hatred because you are concerned about hatred doesn’t make you cool and edgy, makes you a hypocrite. 
Have discussions, hear opinions and talk about how you feel. Don’t push your opinions on people and and call them stupid for doing the exact thing you are concerned about protecting. Remember religion? That’s how they were and that’s what you fought against. 
Think. Speak. Listen. 

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Shut the Hell up

This is not a difficult concept. Everyone in the theater bought their tickets. Everyone was excited for a night out, with or without the kids. Everyone made sure that peeing was done and concessions were bought or not bought,  got to their seats and silenced their cell phones. Except for those that apparently bought the VIP I’m going to take a shit on anyone else’s experience here. 
I take my kids to the movies. I have no issues with them there, nor have I ever. They know that if they need to tell me something that to whisper it in my ear or whoever is next to them and start the chain. Now it’s time for everyone else to realize how this works. 
Shut up. Don’t talk,  this is not the time to talk about how your fucking day was or how much of a bitch Wanda is being to Dick.  I don’t care how fucking cool the scene was that you just saw on the big screen there is no reason to talk about it during the fucking movie. Turn off your fucking cell phone. Put it away and silence it. I don’t want to hear your fucking hipster ring tone or the newest thuganomics tune. I want to watch the fucking movie. 
No that part wasn’t that funny,  laughing does not require a yell in the middle and once again,  there is no fucking need to tell someone that something was funny or repeat the lines of the movie.  They heard your cackle and scream as did the rest of us in the theater….and the lobby. Shut up. Stop it. 
And lastly,  fucking sit down. No one has to pee that fucking much. Sit down and either watch the movie or go to sleep and shut the fuck up while doing it. And no,  don’t pull out your phone,  you ignorant shit.  
Shut the fuck up. 

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Hollywood Whitewashing 

White washing. It is most certainly an epidemic in today’s entertainment society but when is it too much.  The idea of white washing is not a good one,  taking a minority character and making it a white character is insulting.  It’s much like taking a female character and adapting it to a male character. But when is enough enough.  Let’s talk about the ancient one in Dr strange. 
The ancient one was an Asian male in the comics.  They have taken the ancient one and created a female character of the same name. This is eliminating all male “hero”  or main character trends that are layovers from comic books in the Golden and silver age comics.  So the ancient one is now a female and has been updated for today’s society making everyone happy….. Or not so much.  That wasn’t enough.  Now Dr Strange is being bashed for the ancient one being white washed.  There is no happy medium.  What was needed to avoid this issue? An old Asian man?  A black woman? A Latina transsexual?  When is enough enough? Why can’t these parts go to the best actor for that part? Does it really matter that the ancient one is a white woman? No.  Tilda Swinton absolutely killed in this part,  she was great.  So as a fan of the comic am I angered that the ancient one is a woman? Of course not. If she played the part shitty and ruined the movie then yes I would have a serious issue….  With the portrayal,  not the race or gender of the actor. 
When are we as society going to realize that whining and bitching about this will not help the cause? Stop whining about it and make people see that you bring something to the part that warrants a change in gender or race to the character. Movie makers,  writers, directors and producers do need to open up to the possibility of changing the race and gender of characters but not because “it’s not fair”  or we as a (insert race and gender here)  don’t have a enough parts so we should just be given this. What should be made clear is that everyone who is talented enough should be given the chance to play a character and earn the right to play the character. 
Life isn’t fair.  Work for it.