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Mens Room Ethics

Thats right , i said mens room, not universal bathroom facility so as to not offend anyone of any gender specification ,race, breed, or jello consistency .

Why do some guys feel the need to stand at a urinal directly beside me in a bathroom that has 10 urinals and no one else in the bathroom. scoot the fuck over, and dont look at me, ask me how im doing, say “whats up” or anything at all for that matter. i came in here to piss not make a new friend who bonds over schmeckel hands. stop it, it’s weird.

Dont sit in the stall directly next to me when there are 7 stalls open for you to go amnd grunt that grumper out of you. you in no way need to sit next to me and strain,accidently kicking my foot in the process…theres no glory hole, keep all your fucking parts to yourself. And courtesy flush….fuck you, i will not courtesy flush, i happen to like sitting and stewing in my own funk, it deters people from sitting near me. if you are not a fan of my aroma then you should probably pinch it off and wipe it up and get the fuck out of the bathroom. im staying, not flushing and enjoying the browns trip to the super bowl.

Do not ever….ever ask if im going to be much longer. i got here before you, i won. i will sit in that fucking stall until the next presidential election if i want. deal with it and duck walk your ass over to another bathroom.

Aim. for the love of all that is unholy and foul. Aim. i shouldnt have to disenfect the toilet seat or its surrounding areas before i sit down. piss in the toilet and put your ass down, shitting on the walls is not amusing for anyone .especially me when i have a badger 3/4 of the way out of its cave and i open the stall door to see that someone has yashitakied all over every square inch of porcelain.

these are just a few of the rules of mens rooms etiquette. follow them and you will see that less people will think you are the fucking weirdo who wants to make crapping buddies .