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Zombies? Who needs zombies?

At some point in The Walking Dead it happened. The actual “need ” for zombies diminshed to the point of them playing no more frightening of a part than mosquitoes. They are simply annoyances that rear their head to slow down a group or to be used as like the snake pit in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

They have finally made the push in this show for viewers to realize that the walking dead were never the zombies, but the people who survived the zombies. The people that have become nomads until which time they are killed or die by the hands of the real evil……humankind. 

While its still cool to see a zombies neck stretch and tear and to see the zed word get its head smashed into the side of a winnebago,  the ultimate antagonist in the shows are now human. And it’s perfect. 
Point- people are awful and evil. Deal with it.