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Anne Rice planning Vampire Chronicles TV series.

Anne Rice announced Saturday that she and her son Christopher have reclaimed the rights to Interview with a Vampire and are planning an open ended television series

based on the incredibly popular series of novels.

Rice called into Entertainment Weekly for a phone interview to go over the plans and excitement for the project. According to the interview they are planning on starting with the second book in the series The Vampire Lestat, starting with his transformation into a vampire and going from there.

Rice also mentioned that there is no actual finish line for the series, stating that the first book will probably run over the first 2 seasons of the show and will be staying true to the novel. Son Christopher Rice will be taking the lead on the show as executive producer with Anne assisting him where needed and that they plan to be involved in every aspect of the series including casting.

Casting was originally an issue with the movie Interview with a Vampire as Anne Rice was displeased with the choice of Tom Cruise to play the Aristocratic Lestat, but after seeing the finished product was pleased with Cruises performance.

The mother and son team are currently working on writing a pilot for the series with hopes that a network will pick it up and allow this beautifully written series of novels to be seen in all its glory on the small screen and told to a whole new generation of vampire lovers. Lets hope that network that picks this up is of the HBO or Netflix variety so that the novels can be given their just due of beauty and brutality.