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Are we sure the title isn’t the sleeping dead? Another boring The Walking Dead 

Let me start with saying that Jeffery Dean Morgan is killing it as Negan. Funny, charming and an absolute joy to watch act. Chandler Riggs put together a good episode and really so did most of the rest of the cast, some better than others but decent nonetheless.but the story and episode/season progression that’s another story entirely. 

I understand that not every episode is going to be a barn burner,  I really do but to not give us anything truly exciting yet again? Even the iron scene was boring and anti climactic. We watched 2 people get their fucking heads bashed in the first episode, you mean to tell me that putting an iron on a dudes face was so grotesque that we had to focus on Corals stupid face? Are we forgetting this? 

Slow. Far too slow. And I seriously doubt that a 90 minute snooze fest of a mid season finale is going to make up for the amount of bullshit filler that has been put out this season. The ratings are down, the enthusiasm is down, there are still an insane amount of people who want smell Dirty Daryls rancid taint, and Daryl is still alive. None of these things are acceptable. Fucking spice it up TWD I’m getting really tired of being fucking bored by you…. And judging by the ratings, there’s a lot more than just me. 

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