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Are we sure the title isn’t the sleeping dead? Another boring The Walking Dead 

Let me start with saying that Jeffery Dean Morgan is killing it as Negan. Funny, charming and an absolute joy to watch act. Chandler Riggs put together a good episode and really so did most of the rest of the cast, some better than others but decent nonetheless.but the story and episode/season progression that’s another story entirely. 

I understand that not every episode is going to be a barn burner,  I really do but to not give us anything truly exciting yet again? Even the iron scene was boring and anti climactic. We watched 2 people get their fucking heads bashed in the first episode, you mean to tell me that putting an iron on a dudes face was so grotesque that we had to focus on Corals stupid face? Are we forgetting this? 

Slow. Far too slow. And I seriously doubt that a 90 minute snooze fest of a mid season finale is going to make up for the amount of bullshit filler that has been put out this season. The ratings are down, the enthusiasm is down, there are still an insane amount of people who want smell Dirty Daryls rancid taint, and Daryl is still alive. None of these things are acceptable. Fucking spice it up TWD I’m getting really tired of being fucking bored by you…. And judging by the ratings, there’s a lot more than just me. 

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Consider my brain eaten or How I’ve lost interest in The Walking Dead

I loved The Walking Dead for a long time. It was brilliant story telling mixed with gore and violence and love and despair. And now, the ratio is off. It’s turned to so so story telling,  poor use of characters and elongated episodes to show that they can get you to watch it for that much longer. 

I enjoy the acting, the actors pour their hearts into their parts and I genuinely appreciate what they do for the show. Unfortunately they are being misused with off beat stories and far too much screen time per episode. 

The format that is being utilized this season, season 7 is awkward at best. The premier had me hooked,  loved it, loved seeing Negan and the groups interact and loved the episode. Episode 2 I told myself was a nice palette cleanser and a great introduction to Ezekiel. By the time I was halfway through the lets watch the ratings spike by putting Daryl in gray sweats and make him look extra nasty episode ( I’ll have a whole other paragraph for that craziness)  I had lost virtually all interest in what’s happening. It’s almost as though they take so much pride in the story that they forget to move the story forward at a pace that continues to be exciting and fun. 

That brings me to Daryl. I don’t get it. I keep seeing things about how if Daryl dies that fans will riot. I see woman swoon over him,  I see people constantly posting pics and talking about the dirty things that they would do to him. I like Norman Reedus,  I truly do. Boondock Saints is one of my all time favorite movies. What I don’t get is this attachment to the character of Daryl Dixon. Maybe it’s just because I’m not a woman or attracted to men that way but I have grown to dislike his character in a way that I cheered when he punched Negan because I thought that there was a chance Daryl would get the bat instead of Glenn. 

In closing, I will watch again when I hear that there was a good episode but I’m done with watching every week. I keep tuning in and keep getting disappointed. Maybe they will look at how a few other shows move their stories along and take some pointers, then I’ll be back.  

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Vikings s4 ep11 The Outsider review 

Ragnar has Returned to Kattegat.
Let me start by saying that this was not an action packed episode but instead was an amazing setup to the story for the second half of season 4. Bjorn going to talk to the seer is a perfect example as he is told that many calamities will befall them because of his father returning and that he should “curse the day”. So let’s start with Bjorns story moving forward. 

While in Paris Bjorn found a partial map showing the Mediterranean Sea and some of its surrounding areas and has made it his new quest to sail there to raid Rome (I’m almost positive that’s the location mentioned). We learn that he has contracted Floki to build his ship and that both Floki and his brother Hvitserk. This is why he tells Ragnar that he can not go to England with him. 

We meet up with Helga and Floki as Ragnar has come to see his old friend for what looks like a recruiting visit, only to learn that yes,  Floki is building a ship for Bjorn and will be going with him on his journey telling Ragnar “I made him a promise, and you were not here.”  This is also where we learn that Floki never told anyone of how things happened in Paris. 

The scenes with Floki were heartfelt and emotionally brutal as you can really see in Flokis face and eyes that he truly loves Ragnar. The one question I came away with is did Ragnar tell Floki that he loved him in sincerity to make amends or as a ploy to try and get Floki to break the promise to Bjorn.  It’s never been any secret that Ragnar has 1 main interest in life,  being famous and well known. 

Ragnar also visits Lagertha, which was one of the lighter moments of the episode as Lagerthas new love interest Astrid has peaked Ragnars attention by swooning over him, and then Ragnar realizes that Lagertha has taken a female love interest causing me to laugh loudly at the expression given by Ragnar. 

Same question popped in my head with his visit with Lagertha, does he sincerely mean that he wishes they still had their original farmer lifestyle together or does he know exactly what buttons to push on everyone to make them second guess helping him go to England. 

Ragnar leaves and attempts to hang himself which led to another laugh as the rope breaks and a visibly distraught Ragnar flops around in disgust on the ground in what appears to be a true fml moment. 

Ivar The Bonerless. Right from the start of the development of the teenage Ivar you can see the ruthlessness in his eyes. At the dinner scene, which is the only time we see Aslaug, everyone including his mother seems to fear Ivar.  Now the part that truly told me that Ivar is going to truly be one of if not the most dangerous person on Vikings is when we learn that Ivars disease does not allow him to please a woman. This embarrassment is in my opinion going to be what makes him almost serial killer like in that if he can’t prove his manhood by pleasing a woman that he will prove it through cruelty and brutality. It will be interesting to see how far they push Ivar during the season. 
All in all I thought this was an amazing start to the season 4b as it worked to set up the events in the season and was still able to not be boring. I definitely know another show that could really use to take lessons from Vikings on how to make a season go smoothly and evenly without being boring ***cough cough the walking dead cough cough ***

Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars.