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Captain Bucky Barnes? 

Anyone who has read Captain America comics and watched the Marvel movies knows that eventually someone will be taking over the mantle of Cap. It’s inevitable,  Chris Evans  will eventually be replaced whether it be a reboot with another Steve Rogers or with one of the options that are readily available to use in the existing MCU. Sam Wilson (Falcon played by Anthony Macke)  is currently a Captain America. But before he became Cap,  there was another who took over the shield when *SPOILER*………………… Steve Rogers is assassinated. Bucky Barnes became the shield toting super soldier replacing the dead…. Well, somewhat dead Steve Rogers. Actor Sebastian Stan has thrown fuel on the fire with his Instagram post showing him with an all new shield design. Does this mean that Bucky will indeed be the new Cap or is it just a prop that he had made for himself? Only time will tell the real story. 

The burning question I have is one of politics. Will Marvel decide to skip a section of Cap lore (yes I realize they have skipped a ton)  that is sitting on a silver platter in front of them by making Bucky the new Captain America or will they skip to present day comics and make Sam Wilson the new Cap? I personally would like to eventually see both happen but I would much rather see Bucky now. The political question that comes up is will Marvel make it Sam Wilson for fear of being accused of Whitewashing in the same way they were with the Ancient One in Dr Strange? I don’t believe the Cap conundrum to be Whitewashing since it’s a matter of time line but in will undoubtedly be brought up. 

I say Bucky but I also don’t stand to lose money if people cry whitewash….. Again. 
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