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Highlander reboot gets the Wick treatment. 

Highlander” gets a shot of fast paced action.

The long in process and long awaited reboot of the action fantasy classic brings in director Chad Stahelski of “John Wick” and its forthcoming sequel fame. What does this mean for the reboot? Insane action, great fights and a fast paced story that will reinvigorate the universe and the Clan MacLeod.

A similar “Highlander” with a new life.

This reboot has been in the works since around 2008 and has had a few stars linked to it and then broken away from it as well. There is no one attached to the project to play the lead character of Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. Ryan Reynolds was attached at one point and has since moved on from it. Tom Cruise has also been rumored to be attached as well but that is unconfirmed. reports that Dave Bautista, from Guardians of the Galaxy, is attached to play the lead villain originally played by Clancy Brown. Bautista seems the perfect fit to play the Kurgan, a brooding hulk of an immortal man. No news on who would play Ramirez, the quick witted trainer and immortal originally played by Sean Connery. Perhaps they will cast someone of Latino descent to play the character now rather than Whitewashing it with a name star. The project has also had a slew of directors attached that have left including Justin Lin, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and Cedric Nicolas-Troyan who went on to direct “Huntsman: Winter War”. Based on that directorial debut, losing Cedric Nicolas-Troyan may have been a blessing in disguise.

“John Wick” directing duo have an amazing couple of months.

Directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch have the sequel to the hit movie starring Keanu Reeves premiering early 2017, Leitch was just announced as the new director of “Deadpool 2” taking over after Tim Miller left the project and now Stahelski taking over “Highlander”. Now we know what to expect from the reboot, eye popping sword play, fast paced story and brutal action. All in the name of “there can be only one”.

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