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Violence Entertainment

i keep hearing and seeing people having conversations about there being too much violence in entertainment today, be it movies or tv. now i will agree that there is an amazing amount of violence in both genres, do i believe it to be excessive? no i do not.

when you look at certain movies the amount of violence can be excessive and jaw dropping but lets be honest, have you seen the world that we live in today? there is violence around every corner, turn on the news , there is rape and murder and abuse around every corner in real life. movies arent glorifying it, they are making current comments on society. they are taking liberties in some of the ways that the violence is displayed and exagerrating the way these things happen but seriously, watch a person get shot in a movie and then see live footage of a person getting shot, the reality is that the actual shooting is way more brutal and painful to watch. the real pain, blood, gore by far trumps anything that a studio could come up with in a cg program or even old fashioned effects.

ultimately , complaining about movies and tv glorifying and influencing people to participate in violence is ridiculous. if you want to find out real violence all you have to do is open your eyes in todays society, you will see the things that influence movies to show violence, art imitating life….not the other way around.

sad society we live in, everyone wants an excuse as to why people do evil things……..maybe humans are just evil.

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