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Black Thanksgiving 

When did the Thanksgiving holiday become one of the biggest shopping days of the year? Don’t get me wrong,  I love saving money,  I love 150 dollar 96 inch television sets. I also love Thanksgiving, we’ll sort of, I really don’t give a Rats ass about the holiday itself it is after all just another day.  But I do love having the day off of work and lounging around, eating way too much and then napping. 

Then came big Commerce and commercials and Internet sales,  away went the family portion of the holiday and in came stores opening at 7pm Thanksgiving night.  What happened to nostalgia, people? It used to be that stores competed for the earliest opening on Friday morning,not Thanksgiving morning! 

So while some people will be rushing to the store for doorbusters at 8am Thanksgiving morning (the real cutthroat dickheads)  I will be sleeping in for awhile and then I will welcome in the holiday shopping season by sitting my big fat ass on the couch and going to amazon. Fuck all you people, I’d much rather wallow in my own filth at home on my couch than to have to deal with all you sweaty ass, stinky fucking people out in the real world. Seriously, that thing with the water that sprays on you and that stuff that is bar shaped….. Use them. It’s a day of shopping not a greased pig catch. Nobody wants to smell your festering taint odor. 

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