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It seems that we live in the age of Obsession. People do not seem to be happy unless they are completely obsessed and entrenched in something, anything,  be it television shows,  social media, their “cause” or any other stupid shit that they can get offended about. 

Let’s start with television. I can’t discount how enthralling that a great TV show or movie can be,  I’m guilty of it myself. However just getting enthralled in a show is normal,  it gives you an escape, something that makes it so you don’t have to deal with your problems for a couple hours or so a week. I say a couple hours because you will spend an hour or so watching it then an hour or so talking about it. There’s nothing wrong with this as it levels out your problems and the ability to escape and not worry about anything. That’s healthy. 

Then there is Obsession. There are different levels of this experience. Maybe you watch a couple times,  pick out some stuff,  read about it a little,  post about it a little and have conversations about it, again it’s not unhealthy but maybe it’s a little more time than what you should spend on it. I don’t see where there is a real issue here. 

The issue comes in where you don’t think about anything else, you start to get offended by things in the show,  about the show, other people’s opinions and in general anyone or anything that doesn’t correlate with your way of thinking. You go to work,  get in an argument about last night’s episode, which was clearly boring, but you feel the need to defend it because you are personally offended that maybe not everyone likes it. You sit down and post a huge post about how people are stupid and just don’t understand the show, how you are in a terrible mood because of these people. You search out cute memes, pictures,  swoon, and talk about the horrible things you would love to happen to you at the hands of certain people in the show. You send death threats and hatred to people because their character on the show did something to your favorite character on the show. This is Obsession. Not healthy escape, pure obsessed ridiculousness. 
People need to get their heads out of their assessment and look around,  maybe a little less Obsession and a little more real experience would make this world a better place. But fuck it,  not buttfuck it, perverts, without people getting offended and obsessed I wouldn’t have much to bitch about.

Carry on weirdos. 

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