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Recently I’ve been scouring the web for the best true crime podcasts. I know a little morbid but I love this subject, the mystery, the evil of man, the corruption of the police and justice system. While scouring I came across True Crime Garage and my search halted. 

Hosted by Nick and The Captain the show delves into the gory details of a particular case including insights, interviews in some cases, lots of beer drinking and opinion on the case. Both are incredibly knowledgeable and have a way of putting things into easy to understand terms that make listening so much more enjoyable than a normal monotone present the facts and be boring podcast. Their review of the West Memphis 3 case had me hooked immediately and I continued to blast through everything they had on the podcast app (with additional episodes available for purchase on iTunes and on their website). 

If you are like me and looking for a fantastic podcast that is informative, funny, and easy to listen to while quenching your thirst for more true crime knowledge head over to your favorite podcast app and search up True Crime Garage,  you won’t be disappointed. 

Check them out at and on twitter @truecrimegarage 

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