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Hatred is a nasty thing. Causes problems the world over. Hatred infects all walks of life, rich and poor, black and white, young and old. 

I have to wonder to myself,  after seeing all of the hatred spewed forth this morning, can this country ever be united? There’s  always something dividing us. And after this election, there always will be. 

It’s discouraging to wake up and see concerns of hatred, racism, misogynistic behavior, loss of rights being thrown into the wind in the same breath as calling someone stupid for exercising their right to vote for whomever they wish. 

I don’t like the president elect either, nor did I like the Democratic option. We had to vote for who we as individuals believed was the least shitty option. The people have spoken and even if it’s not to your liking it is the decision of the vote. 
Point is,  before you go around tweeting about how stupid the Trump supporters are and how they must just be old white men and how they are obviously uneducated bigots who hate woman and gays and Trans,realize that you are spewing hatred at people for the same thing you are concerned about, your rights. 

Spewing hatred because you are concerned about hatred doesn’t make you cool and edgy, makes you a hypocrite. 
Have discussions, hear opinions and talk about how you feel. Don’t push your opinions on people and and call them stupid for doing the exact thing you are concerned about protecting. Remember religion? That’s how they were and that’s what you fought against. 
Think. Speak. Listen. 

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