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Shut the Hell up

This is not a difficult concept. Everyone in the theater bought their tickets. Everyone was excited for a night out, with or without the kids. Everyone made sure that peeing was done and concessions were bought or not bought,  got to their seats and silenced their cell phones. Except for those that apparently bought the VIP I’m going to take a shit on anyone else’s experience here. 
I take my kids to the movies. I have no issues with them there, nor have I ever. They know that if they need to tell me something that to whisper it in my ear or whoever is next to them and start the chain. Now it’s time for everyone else to realize how this works. 
Shut up. Don’t talk,  this is not the time to talk about how your fucking day was or how much of a bitch Wanda is being to Dick.  I don’t care how fucking cool the scene was that you just saw on the big screen there is no reason to talk about it during the fucking movie. Turn off your fucking cell phone. Put it away and silence it. I don’t want to hear your fucking hipster ring tone or the newest thuganomics tune. I want to watch the fucking movie. 
No that part wasn’t that funny,  laughing does not require a yell in the middle and once again,  there is no fucking need to tell someone that something was funny or repeat the lines of the movie.  They heard your cackle and scream as did the rest of us in the theater….and the lobby. Shut up. Stop it. 
And lastly,  fucking sit down. No one has to pee that fucking much. Sit down and either watch the movie or go to sleep and shut the fuck up while doing it. And no,  don’t pull out your phone,  you ignorant shit.  
Shut the fuck up. 

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